Corporate Community Games (CCG) was initiated in year 2000 to promote harmonious relationships and community bonding within the corporate sector. Advocating the message of "Beyond Competition", the Games aims to provide a learning avenue for teams to engage in healthy playing and bonding. 

At the same time raising companies’ own standards of participation and forming new friendships. The Games also transcends boundaries within and across organisations – building a sense of common purpose and understanding; in the process, create a shared experience that lasts beyond the Games. 

CCG is about participation. It is about inclusion and citizenship. CCG therefore brings individuals and corporations together, highlighting commonalities and bridging business culture. At the national level, CCG is considered as a highly effective platform to engage a diverse workforce using sports and other social activities. 

CCG provides several avenues to learn and strengthen the workforce in areas of leadership, teamwork and character development. CCG provides a common ground to cultivate and practise these skills by presenting sporting challenges and teambuilding opportunities that help employees develop leadership abilities. CCG plays a growing role in engaging the business community, providing a learning and networking platform for all corporations.

We hope that more organisations will join us in our endeavour so that CCG and other programmes can help to build and promote an uplifting corporate environment, powered by well-rounded, collaborative and happy employees.

CCG Division Award
The CCG Division Award is the highest accolade given to organisations to recognise their achievement and outstanding performance in the Games. This award also recognises exemplary efforts of the organisation and their employees in reaching out to the larger community; advocating the spirit of community participation throughout the Games at all times.

All participating organisations are categorized into four Divisions based on the total number of team(s) entered for the CCG 2017 programmes.

Division Level Total Registered Teams
Division 1 1 - 4 Teams
Division 2 5 - 8 Teams
Division 3 9 - 16 Teams
Division 4 17 Teams and above

The winner in each division is determined based on the total Sports points garnered throughout their participation in CCG 2017.

Points System
Every Sports team is awarded Sports points based on their final placing in each sport category.

Points Systems* 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th onwards
Sports Points 20 16 12 8 4

*Any registered team that is absent from the event will not be awarded any points.