Frequently Asked Questions
1. Eligibility
2. Participation
3. Registration & Cancellation 
4. Fees & Packages 
5. Team Query 
6. Awards & Results 
7. Others 

1. Who can participate in CCG 2017? 
The Games is open to full-time and/or contract employees of all private, public and non-profit organizations who are at 18 years and above. Immediate family members of employees are eligible to participate in CCG 2017. 

The onus of verification of a participant’s eligibility rests on the participation and the appointed Team Leader in the event of a protest. 

2. How many organisations can I represent? 
You may only represent ONE organisation in the Games. 

3. Can we get colleagues from other related businesses and subsidiaries or business unit which is under our group of companies? 
Yes, you may. However, your company must decide on ONE organisation name to use in the Games so that all participating employees can represent under the same entity.  

4. Can I form a team with my friends or associates who are not in the same company or related companies?
No, you can’t do so. If you would like to see them in the Games too, we would be happy to speak with them directly and reach out to their Human Resource or Recreation Club committee to share with them more about the Games. You may reach out to our CCG Event Manager, Gary at garyching@ccg.com.sg.

1. Can I participate in more than one sports? 
Yes, you may participate in more than one sport provided the events are not scheduled on the same day. 

2. Can I participate in more than one event category in the same sport? E.g. joining both Men Team and Mixed Team in Badminton? 
No, you may not. We encourage you to reach out to more colleagues so that they can also be part of this company-wide participation in the Games. In this way, you can continue to grow the interest for the sports within your company and participation in the long run could better be sustained instead of depending on a few core players. 

3. Can I register myself in multiple teams within the same event? 
No, you can only represent ONE team for each Sport.

4. What will happen if I breach any of the above? 
Any participant(s) found to breach any regulations will be subjected to immediate disqualification from further participation in all events that he/she has registered for. 

5. Can we pay on my own and use my company name to participate in the Games if we managed to form an employee team? 
Yes, you may do so. The mode of payment is to be arranged internally between employee and the company. However, participating team must ensure that they seek official permission internally to use company name to participate in the Games. This is to ensure that your participation has been endorsed by your company so that all subsequent Games collateral can bear your official company’s name. 

6. Who is a Team Manager?
The Team Manager is the person appointed by your company as the key person whom will communicate, coordinate and motivate participation of all teams within your organization. 

7. Who is a Captain?
The Captain is in-charge for recruitment of individual team. He / she will be in-charge to recruit members for the individual game.

Registration & Cancellation
1. When is the registration deadline?
The registration deadline is on 22 September 2017, Friday, before 2359hrs. 

2. Are we allowed to replace players after deadline due to work exigencies? 
Yes, you must notify the Games Office via email if there’s any replacement of players. If the replacement of players takes place on event day, it must be communicated to the onsite Games officials upon registration and before commencement of any matches. 

3. Is there any refund if we withdraw a team?
No, there will be no refund given after we have issued the confirmation of participation. 

4. Is there any refund if the event is cancelled by the Organizer? 
No, there is no refund if there’s a cancellation of event due to inclement weather and/or if there is insufficient number of teams to run the event. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event or make the appropriate arrangement to accommodate affected teams. 

We will inform Team Leaders and Team Captains of affected teams to replace affected teams with another team in any other available category in the same event and/ or in other events. 

Fees & Packages
1. Are training fees and meals on event day included in the Games fees and packages?
No, training fees and meals on event day are not included. The fees and packages only cover your participation in the competition and stated gathering activities for selected representatives. 

Team Query
1. How many matches does my team get to play in the sports competition? 
For sports event, each team will play at least 3 matches. The opportunity to play in subsequent matches/ races will depend on your team’s performance and progress in the competition. 

Do note that the duration of each match is subjected to the format of play stated in the Sports Info Kit. Please refer to Sports Info Kit for your respective event. 

2. Where can we get information about the tournament schedule and who we will be playing with in the Games? 
We will conduct a draw to determine which group your team will be playing in. The draw will take place only after the registration has closed. We will inform all Team Captains and Leaders of the draw results. All information about tournament schedule and draw results will be posted on the website.

3. Are jerseys or sports attire provided? 
No, we do not provide jerseys or sports attire. We recommend companies to design and print their own jerseys or uniforms with your corporate logo. This is a great opportunity for company branding where all employees can don corporate colours. 

If there’s a clash of jersey colours, one team will be requested to wear bibs which will be provided by the Organizer. 

Awards & Results 
1. Is there any prize money for the top 3 teams? 
We’re probably the only games in Singapore that has retained our own tradition of non-monetary rewards for prize winners. We’re keeping the Games to its original purpose of community building and enjoyment of playing the sports. 

However, we seen many companies who extended different forms of rewards to recognize employees ‘participation in the Games such as management hosting a post-Games celebration, making company-wide announcement to congratulate employees for their participation and performance at Games.  

1. Does the Games Fee include insurance coverage for individual participants? 
No, it does not. Participating companies are required to ensure that employees are adequately insured during their participation in any CCG programme. 

2. Will food and drinks be provided? 
All participating teams are expected to make arrangement for their own meals/ refreshment throughout the event day. We will only provide fruits and plain water will be provided for group sharing on event day. 

3. Will transportation be provided to the various event venues? 
No, participants are required to arrange their transportation to and fro the venues at their own cost. 

4. Will complimentary parking tickets be given out at the different venues? 
No, participants are responsible for any parking fees incurred.